Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Midweek Musings

I’m sure by now that it’s old news in the poker world, but I watched most of Johnny Chan’s World Series of Poker victory in a pot-limit hold ‘em event last night on ESPN. This WSOP tournament win marked Johnny’s record-setting tenth gold bracelet. The runner-up was "Unabomber” Phil Laak, whom I would probably strangle if I had to play against. Johnny took Phil’s ADD-like antics in stride before cementing his status as poker’s most decorated (and beloved) top player. Way to go Johnny!

You guys out there…invest in and learn how to use a crock pot. I’m telling you what, of all the wedding gifts I got, this thing is the most useful. Google “crock pot recipes” and you’ll find a ton of things you can make with it. Dump the grub in on your way to work, and you come home 8-10 hours later with dinner ready to go.

Football Ramblings
A subject near and dear to my heart…the newfound willingness of universities and athletic directors to hire football coaches who are overweight. Yesterday I referenced Toledo head coach Tom Amstutz, whose four-year record with the Rockets is nothing short of fantastic. Others come to mind, particularly Mark Mangino at Kansas and, to a lesser degree, Charlie Weis at Notre Dame. Weis even went so far as to have life-threatening weight loss surgery performed several years ago in hopes of landing a head coaching job.

Now, the success of these guys on the job ought to demonstrate to hesitant administrators that in terms of on-field performance, size need not matter. I can see, though, where coaching girth might matter, and that is in the hearts and minds of the players. I don’t know about you, but if I’m sweating my butt off through two-a-days and having my butt chewed out and spending all my time in the gym, I’d probably resent a lardy leader. Once you win that battle, though, you’re probably home free.

Tonight’s Match-up
Cincinnati at Miami (OH). I doubt that there are that many people living in Ohio that care about this game either.

Vandy notes
This Saturday’s game against Middle Tennessee has been picked up locally in Nashville by the UPN affiliate there, and subsequently picked up by ESPN Gameplan. This would be good news, except that I’m out of town this Saturday attending my wife’s friend’s wedding. What kind of man agrees to get hitched during football season? Ugh. I don’t even want to go, but this couple came to my wedding, so we’re obligated. I will figure something out. This is our dream season, so I’m doing my best not to miss any of it.

Final thoughts
This blog has come to the attention of a couple clowns whose brilliant detective work led to their posting a link on their site urging people to search for my wife by name so that they could obtain her contact info and harass her regarding the things I write on here. Lest it not be obvious, anyone who would do this is human debris. For those of you living in Murfreesboro, that means garbage.

Anyone that disagrees with me is free to leave comments on this blog. I will gladly debate the merits of my arguments or yours anytime. Free and open dialogue? Yes. Anonymous harassment? No way.


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