Monday, September 26, 2005

Monday, Monday

My new shaving gel smells remarkably like spice drop candy. I wish I'd found this stuff years ago. My wife probably does too. Honestly, the worst thing I ever did regarding my appearance was to leave Big Brown. They had a strict set of standards for the personal appearance of their personnel, which compelled me to shave at least every other day. Since then, I've been known to let myself go for weeks since my current boss doesn't care.

Went to the old-money steakhouse last night for my wife's birthday...she'll be 25 soon, and for whatever psychological reason, this one's hitting her hard. I don't much think that 25 is old, but she feels that way. She's got nothing to worry about physically...her mom is very beautiful for a lady in her 50s. Still, nothing cheers her up like some red meat, so off we go.

I order the large ribeye, which is billed on the menu as 16-18 ounces. Yikes. I remember when I was younger, when I could eat a slab like this without breaking a sweat. Yesterday, I managed to finish but I regretted it later. I love a good ribeye, but I can't eat the way I used to. Yes, I'm sad about that. I've set many personal records that I'm proud of, including:

-18 boiled eggs in one sitting in high school
-two whole pizzas at one buffet I nearly shut down
-a 32-ounce ribeye on the company dime
-a whole package of spaghetti and at least a pound and a half of ground meat (Wife says I was green when she got home)
-a 20-ounce burger in Vegas, which earned me a free T-shirt I couldn't wear because it was only size XL

Come to think of it, I'm not very proud of some of these. What was I thinking?

Our company remodeled most of one floor of our building about six months ago and put in a fitness center for employees' free use. Up until about two months ago, I worked out there religiously five or six days a week. For various reasons, I stopped using the company's gym and began working out at the gym at home at our apartment building. The frequency of my workouts also slowed, and eventually I stopped altogether.

That has to change. I have about 10 weeks until I take the wife on our first Carribbean cruise in December. The last time I was on a plane, we both were miserable because I took up some of her room. If I eat right and exercise plenty in the next 10 weeks, hopefully it will be better for us this time around.

Football Stuff
I actually did watch a little NFL action yesterday, but I didn't enjoy it as much as college football. Maybe if I grew up in an NFL city, things would be different and I would identify more with a single team. Still, I don't. I look at NFL teams as bands of mercenaries who will leave at the drop of a hat to sign with another team. I see the owners as greedy billionaires pricing fans out of the stadium (even though I am a capitalist). I see a product that just isn't as compelling to me as the college game, which could definitely be improved in its own right.

I enjoyed Philly kicker David Akers' game-winner yesterday on his hobbled leg. Good stuff. I enjoyed Jacksonville QB Byron Leftwich's touchdown pass to tightrope-walking Jimmy Smith to beat the Jets. That's about it.

Vandy football
God bless Chancellor Gordon Gee. How many times have you heard anyone credit the administration and not the coaching staff for a team's success? He's not on the field teaching technique, but his commitment to winning football and giving Coach Bobby Johnson all the tools and resources needed to win should be recognized. There's not a college administrator out there whom I'd rather have. If you've followed Vandy football for any period of time, you probably feel the same. We've been left for dead before by more than one Vandy chancellor who thought that football was beneath a university such as ours. Hogwash. Intellect and football success do not have to be mutually exclusive.

If you're into cheap thrills, wander over to my favorite Vandy message board,, and see what the folks over at Middle Tennessee have to say about this week's game. Warning: you may walk away slightly less intelligent for having done so, but it gives you some idea of what I've been talking about in previous posts.


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