Friday, October 07, 2005

Back in the Saddle Again

I haven't posted in several days, for which I apologize profusely. My goal is to establish this blog's credibility by having something to say at all times, no matter how silly or trivial. In football coach-speak, I'm ready to get after it...

Before we left the Ameristar Casino in St. Charles, MO last Sunday to go home, we passed by a video game arcade with an open air hockey table. I laid down a challenge to the wife, who HAS beaten me before. One dollar and a whole bunch of machismo later, I got the duke and celebrated while she rolled her eyes. It's the little things, I tell you.

This casino does NOT have a hotel, so there aren't any families staying there. There WERE children there, though. I have a problem with this. Casinos are no place to drag your kids while you're blowing their college fund. If you can't gamble without taking your kids, don't gamble!

Entertainment News and Views
Esquire Magazine has named Jessica Biel the sexiest woman alive in its new issue. She's been in some other things besides 7th Heaven (including a completely forgettable flop with Freddie Prinze Jr.), but I still think of her as Mary Camden, the preacher's daughter. I don't follow that show anymore since it went off the deep end, but I saw a preview the other day that blew me away. The youngest daughter Ruthie is now a teenager and her sexuality is going to be a major plot element going forward. Creepy, anyone? Are clean, happy family shows entirely obsolete?

WB stalwart Everwood is now in its 4th season, and my wife and I got hooked on it early, at her prodding. Before you laugh and ask how a macho man like me can possibly watch a show so popular with teenage girls, just remember that there are things we guys do to keep the home fires burning. I take in an Everwood/ER doubleheader on Thursdays, and then I watch all the football I can stand on Saturday without much hassle. Those things have a way of working out.

Tomorrow is the Corrales-Castillo rematch from Las Vegas. I don't follow boxing at all, since it appears to have as much integrity as wrestling, but I've heard awesome things about the first match five months ago. Everyone who saw it says that it was a classic, a knockdown-dragout brawl. A slobberknocker, if you will. I'd love to see it, but the wife would kill me if I bought the pay-per-view for it. Perhaps someone on the internet can shoot me a DVD of the fight, along with the first one. I am in the market for that. Leave your e-mail address in the comments section.

College Football
The hot rumor is that Nick Lachey, formerly of 98 Degrees, is soon to be Jessica Simpson's former husband. Why is this in the college football section of this blog? Well, according to those in the know, Nick is going to be crashing with his main man Matt Leinart, all-world Heisman QB at USC. We know which of those two is the bigger star. Anyway, can you imagine being a single guy at THOSE parties? Picking up scraps never sounded so good.

Doreblog's whipping boys, Middle Tennessee State, are having a hard time drawing enough fans to remain in 1-A football. As such, they are holding a Homecoming ticket fire sale for their matchup on October 22 against Louisiana-Lafayette. Tickets are on sale for $5! Ladies, if your man takes you out on a Saturday night to a Middle football game, drop him like a Middle linebacker dropping remedial math class. You can do a whole lot better.

Last night saw Georgia Tech drop another game it shouldn't have, this one to North Carolina State. I'm not an insider, so I'm not familiar enough with Tech's program to get a pulse on it, but how much mediocrity can one program take? It has all-world athletes in Reggie Ball and Calvin Johnson, both of whom will likely play on Sundays. Getting a former NFL coach to lead your program isn't always the best solution, especially if he's Chan Gailey, whom I like personally but think is better suited to coordinator work than head coaching.

Texas plays Oklahoma tomorrow at the Texas State Fair in Dallas in the 100th meeting of the Red River Shootout. I've been to this game before and it's a blast...half of the Cotton Bowl in orange, and the other half in crimson. Drunks everywhere. People-watching at its absolute best. Look for Texas coach Mack Brown and his Longhorns to take five years of frustration out on those poor Sooners who, despite their recent success in this series, still have to live in Oklahoma.

The one game I'd pay money to see in person tomorrow might just be Ohio State at Penn State. No offense to Corrales-Castillo, but this might be the slobberknocker of the day. I'll root for anyone playing the Buckeyes, so fight on, (Penn) State!

Vandy Football
The good guys are a 16-point home dog against LSU tomorrow. If LSU shows up at all, it won't be close. This is the kind of game that Vandy likes to keep close before folding in the 3rd quarter as the opponent's superior depth takes over. Vandy's depth is much improved, which explains our success scoring points in the 4th quarter this year versus last. If the line gives Jay Cutler any time at all against LSU's monster pass rush, he'll pick apart the secondary. Unfortunately, you can't do that effectively when you're running for your life the whole game.

Vandy will cover and take its wounded psyche into Homecoming week against Georgia. Root for Georgia against Tennessee tomorrow...I for one don't want to play a dangerous road team like Georgia after a loss.

Final Thought
Which cheesy Kenny Loggins soundtrack song is the best? I nominate "Danger Zone" from Top Gun, "Playing with the Boys" (also from Top Gun), and the lesser-known "Meet Me Halfway Across the Sky" from Over the Top. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.


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