Friday, October 21, 2005

Week 8 Preview

Before we begin, a few pet peeves:

1. Working on a blog post for a couple hours and having the computer crash, subsequently losing everything.

2. Well-traveled areas in the city with no sidewalks. There is a Subway less than a quarter mile from my office that I frequent sometimes. It's honestly safer and faster to drive than walk because there aren't any sidewalks. I thought my wife's arguments for pedestrian-friendly development were tree-hugging hippie crap until I ran into this problem.

3. The uneven number of programs in the Big Ten (eleven) makes determining a conference champion awkward. With twelve, it could split into divisions and hold a championship game. With one less school, it could schedule a true round-robin format where everyone plays each other, similar to the Pac-10's new format. As it is now, too many schools have shares of the conference title and too few of them play one another. Just a thought...

Northwestern at Michigan State
This observer welcomes the new Big Ten offensive explosion led by these two programs and their innovative coaches, Randy Walker and John L. Smith. It's good to see a shakeup in power football country, where not every school can consistently recruit the cornfed studs needed to dominate on the ground. I'm expecting a real shootout with the Spartans coming out on top. They have more to prove after blowing a 17-7 lead last week in Columbus. In addition, I know
better than to pick Northwestern on the road against a decent opponent.

Congrats to Wildcat QB Brett Basanez for being named one of seven finalists for the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm award. Like Vandy's Jay Cutler, he'd get a ton more pub on a better team.

Michigan at Iowa
Everyone in the country gets this game at noon on ABC with the postponement of the Georgia Tech-Miami game. They will all see a 5-2 Iowa team that is invincible at home and in the midst of another patented in-season turnaround. Michigan (4-3), meanwhile, is playing its way down to the Music City Bowl. Good news for my buddy Jason, who may get to see his boys without leaving Nashville, but bad news for the program. Look for the Hawkeyes to wear down the porous Michigan defense and get the duke.

Ohio State at Indiana
In a perfect world, Indiana would exorcise its demons and beat the Buckeye bullies, setting off a frenzy befitting a top college party town like Bloomington. The Hoosiers have yet to break through against top-shelf competition like Wisconsin and Iowa, and they will face the Big Ten's stingiest defense in Ohio State this Saturday. If IU's offensive line keeps QB Blake Powers upright against a stout pass rush, the Hoosiers will have a chance. Expect Coach Terry Hoeppner and a sellout crowd to bring the A-game.

Arkansas at Georgia
Normally, a Hogs and Dogs showdown is a treat to watch, but Arkansas is having an especially rough rebuilding year after the departure of uber-athletic QB Matt Jones. Coach Houston Nutt is on the hot seat and is likely to get run out of Fayetteville by the end of the season. His biggest crime wasn't giving up 70 points to national power USC. Instead, he's in trouble for losing at home to Vanderbilt. Arkansans won't stand for losing to a school whose chancellor wears a bow tie and properly conjugates his verbs.

Bulldog coach Mark Richt will turn the dogs loose (pun intended) for three quarters before resting his starters for next week's Florida game. Kudos to Georgia signal caller DJ Shockley for being named a Unitas finalist as well.

More to follow...


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